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Taxi Richmond CA 510-778-4009, Please call!

Taxi service El Sobrante Yellow cab call local Limo fares El Cerrito Hercules point Richmond Rodeo Albany Crockett

taxi Richmond CA. yellow cabs services airport pickup El Sobrante El Cerrito pinole Hercules Rodeo San Pablo Richmond Albany Port Costa Crockett Point Richmond CA USA

 Please call us: 510-734-3666 (SimRan), 510-776-7852
- 24hrs/7day /356 days open
- friendly, kind manner
- best service offer for our customers
- 15% off from Airport pickup
- GPS. Fast track equipped Taxi cab
Licensed & Insured taxi cab service
- Family own business (father and sons)
- major service area:
- Quality Transportation Service
- Safe and Courteous
- At your convenience
Best Taxi Ride
- Pleasant and timely trip

taxi yellow cabs services airport pickup El Sobrante

Best taxi service in the town. Always on time, neat, clean and smoke free taxis. We provide best customer service to our valuable customers. Most reliable service in the town.
SFO airport, Oakland Airport,
El Sobrante, CA 94803, USA; El Cerrito,  Hercules,  Rodeo,  San Pablo, Richmond,  Albany, Port Costa, Crockett, Point Richmond, Richmond, Pinole CA, USA
 Please call us: 510-734-3666 (SimRan), 510-776-7852

we will pick you up! thanks!

Taxi yellow cabs services airport pickup El Sobrante El Cerrito pinole Hercules Rodeo San Pablo Richmond Albany Port Costa Crockett Point Richmond CA USA

small business website design & building with Google SEO, search engine optimization Oakland California USA

small business website design & building with Google SEO, search engine optimization in Oakland CA

Do you need a new website for your small business?

small business website design & building with Google SEO, search engine optimization in Oakland CA

I can create your business website in a week with your targeted keywords impeded on each page. My SEO work is all handmade custom design and absolutely no machine generating web pages.  In recent days, Google Top 3 search result is one of the most important ways to deliver your business to the customers. Especially, if you focus on a local business advertisement, you should be in Google Top3. I know you can pay your Google Adsense or Yelp Advertisement to improve your visibility of your business, however, according to my neighbors and friends, people usually more trust the Google local business search result. Simply, some people do not even see the paid Ad banners at all.


I like to introduce two business owners story who are getting my SEO services & web design since last year.  One business owner contacted me a year ago, he is acupuncture doctor and has excellent careers and education.  But he seems struggled with marketing his business. At that time, he already had his acupuncture website, but there is no traffic on the site. So I suggested getting my internal SEO service to optimize his front page with targeted keywords (his case: acupuncture, acupuncturist, and his city location). Here is what I did for the website.

I embedded keywords in title tag, H1, H2, H3, H4 tag, also Image Alt tag.

I created the authority site in (Wordpress or other available authority websites)
This site has an also Keywords like that I just mentioned above.
The main keywords are linked to his acupuncture website.

I created many link building to the authority sites (I usually,  have 2-3 authority sites)

site1 --------------------------------------------->
site3  --------------------------------------------->
site4                    Authority site1
site5      ====>   Authority site2       =====>           His Website   
site6                    Authority site3
site8  --------------------------------------------->
site10  --------------------------------------------->

( this is a simple diagram, but they have more than this, the number of sites = 30-40sites)

In every month, it depends on SEO service scale; I posted the blogs for him

Four blogs post per month :$20 (1 year)
Ten blogs post per month :$50 (1 year)
20 blogs post per month :$100 (1 year)

website webpage SEO service in Oakland CA

The result is astonishing!

his website ranking is dramatically improved as well as Google Top3 search result also!.

You will say that you already knew that!, but it hardly achieves this process if you are not expert on SEO.

That' why the baynetsolution.com  are here to help you and your business.  We are the Top Local SEO specialist in Oakland, El Sobrante, Richmond CA area.

Hi!, My name is Daniel, I'm the web designer of El Sobrante. I do web design & SEO for small business owner, store owners, self-employed contractors and more.

Phone Consultation is Free! 

Please call me: 510-684-7207 (Daniel), jongugchun3@gmail.com, Thanks!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Acupuncture or Acupressure are a form of alternative medicine from the Oriental world

Acupuncture or Acupressure are a form of alternative medicine from the Oriental world, in which thin needles are inserted into the body. The Acupuncture is a key component of traditional Chinese medicine, In traditional Chinese medicine theory and practice are not based upon scientific knowledge and acupuncture is a pseudoscience.

There is a diverse range of acupuncture theories based on different philosophies, and techniques vary depending on the country.

Acupuncture is accepted as a true to have originated around 100 BC in China, around the time The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine (Huangdi Neijing) was published, though some authority suggests it could have been practiced earlier.

The origins of acupressure and acupuncture are as ancient as the instinctive impulse to hold your forehead or temples when you have a headache. Everyone at one time or another has used his or her hands spontaneously to hold tense or painful places on the body.

the Acupressure is sometimes very effective to relieve the stress, muscle ache, and help to improve the blood circulation.

It took almost 300 years for Europe and 400 years for the United States to finally appreciate the therapeutic value of acupuncture. Findings from basic medical research that acupuncture stimulation causes a release of endorphins, serotonin, enkephalins, and γ-amino-butyric acid (GABA; a major inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain), norepinephrine, and dopamine helped to explain the acupuncture effect on a biomedical and pharmacological basis that was acceptable to the Western medical establishment. (this article has been cited in this link)

 acupuncture in lake forest CA

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

our metal fabrication team in Modesto CA

our metal fabrication team in Modesto CA

Top Shelf Metal Fab is home to some of the most talented and skilled metal fabrication craftsmen in Modesto California. Highly experienced Metal fabricators. Plasma Metal Cutting. And process engineers who are ready and deliver your components to your exact specs—and on time.

  • Architectural & Structural
  • Plasma metal cutting
  • Fabricated Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • painting on the steel
  • Metal workshop

Top Shelf Metal Fab is a custom metal fabrication company based in Modesto California.  As a custom metal fabricator, every job we build is distinctive and tailor-made to our customer's specifications with quantity ranging from an individual prototype  to small and medium sized manufacturing runs.

We specialized unique American Metal Flag

We specialized unique American Metal Flag

you can directly purchase them from our store, it is $95/each

Top Shelf Metal Fabrication, Address: 201 N Hopper rd Modesto Ca 95357 USA. Phone: 209-613-6140
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Friday, December 2, 2016

Quality Cleaning San Francisco CA

Our teams of skilled professionals provide worry-free and punctual detailed cleanings to ensure that new homes, apartments, offices and condos are sparkling clean. When providing move-in and move-out services, our primary goal is to provide a hassle-free experience for clients. We want you to know that you can depend on us to meet your needs. 

Rosita quality cleaning services in San Francisco

Quality Cleaning
Professional Staff
Affordable Rates

Rosita quality cleaning services in San Francisco 
415-572-1750, 415-654-9685, Address: 107 Ocean Ave, San Francisco CA 94112 USA 

We also do open house cleaning, new office cleaning construction and renovation. cleanup for contractors, realtors, office owners as well as special one-time cleaning projects.
We provide superior quality cleaning services in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose at very competitive rates. Our standard cleaning includes everything you would expect from the highest caliber professional cleaning firms. 

Our Services are included

  1. House Cleaning
  2. Office cleaning
  3. After Party Cleaning
  4. building cleaning
  5. Deep Winter Cleaning

Please call me Fredy for free estimation


Rosita quality cleaning services in San Francisco
415-572-1750, 415-654-9685

molly maid services